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Salesforce Industries Communications Cloud extends the digital omnichannel capabilities of Salesforce and includes a communications data model, Configure, Price, Quote (Industries CPQ), Enterprise Product Catalogue (EPC), order capture, Digital Commerce, Industries Order Management, and Contract Lifecycle Management as well as cloud-specific application suites.

1. Enterprise Product Catalogue (EPC)

Enterprise Product Catalogue from Communications Cloud (formerly Velocity for Communications) enables communications service providers (CSPs) to expedite the launch of new offers, services, and products through a unified catalogue. Simplify product management and fulfillment across B2C, B2B, and wholesale operations to create streamlined selling and in-life subscription management and ARPU.

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Enterprise Product Catalog Benefits are:

  • Launch New Offers Faster

  • Increase Product Lifecycle Agility

  • Coordinate Across Business Functions

  • Unify Your Product Catalog

  • Align Industry Standards

  • Track Every Catalog Change

  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

2. Industries Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ)

Industries Configure, Price, Quote (Industries CPQ) for Communications Cloud (formerly Velocity CPQ) allows sales teams to easily quote the best products and services to customers, faster. And because industry specific requirements are built right in, CSPs (communications service providers) can reduce customization and upkeep costs while accelerating time to market.

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Industries CPQ Benefits are :

  • Easily Execute MACD Requests

  • Reduce Quote and Order Capture Time

  • Capture Quotes and Orders Across Every Channel

  • prove Order Accuracy and Reduce Fallout

  • Bulk Quoting Made Easier

  • Simplify Bulk Asset Changes

  • Get Offers to Market Faster

3. B2B & B2C Order Management

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Rapidly respond to changing market and network demands with a next-generation order management system, giving you end-to-end agility across your BSS/OSS stacks. With Industries Order Management, communications service providers can improve the customer experience and reduce order fallout for both businesses and subscribers with a modular order management system. It Deliver perfect orders with a catalog-driven approach that allows for real-time visibility into the fulfillment process.

Industries Order Management Benefits are:

  • Reduce Time-to-Market for New Offers

  • Avoid Duplication of Fulfillment Data

  • Reduce Order Fallout

  • Get Real-Time Views into Order Fulfillment

  • Give Customers Order Transparency

  • Easily Create Configurations

Order-Capture Flow in Industries CPQ:

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B2B flow: Starts from a business account by creating an opportunity, a quote, or an order. An opportunity becomes a quote and a quote becomes an order. When completed, the order becomes an asset. If the customer wants to change the asset, the asset is moved to an order or a quote. A contract is often injected after the order is created but before the asset is created, but scenarios vary.

B2C flow: Starts from a consumer account by creating an order. When completed, the order becomes an asset. If the customer wants to change the asset, the asset is moved to an order.

4. Digital Process Automation

Digital Process Automation is a simplified, industry automation solution enabling IT to rapidly deliver integrated customer experiences using declarative tools. Built on Salesforce CRM, Digital Process Automation is the only comprehensive workflow solution that can connect end-to-end workflows across the entire customer journey. Powered by Omni Studio, Digital Process Automation leverages the existing industry data models and prebuilt workflow libraries that enable IT organizations to deliver end-to-end automation with speed, agility, and at scale.

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Digital Process Automation Benefits are:

  • Industry 360 Automation

  • Faster Time to Value

  • Declarative Integrations

  • Drive Customer Loyalty


OmniStudio is a powerful suite of task-based components and services that enable businesses to rapidly deliver digital-first and industry specific experiences across multiple devices and channels. OmniStudio empowers companies to craft branded, dynamic customer interactions fast, and connect them with enterprise data and applications, without code.

  • Craft branded customer interactions with clicks, not code.

  • Integrate enterprise data into processes using drag-and-drop configuration with a modular, microservices-oriented approach.

  • Build and deploy UI components into processes fast, creating pixel-precise, branded customer experiences.

  • Simplify and accelerate sales and service automation with out-of-the-box process libraries.

Decision Tables

  • These provide the framework that simplifies the configuration of complex rules. With cross-industry application, users can build, automate, and execute workflow processes for customer use cases based on a collection of rules that consider inputs and outputs.

Document Generation

  • This enables customers to unify the end-to-end document process, infusing automation and intelligence that improve accuracy and efficiency. Document Generation includes queues, workspaces, and checklists.

Data Processing Engine

  • Create data processing engine definitions to transform your data as needed.

5. Service Innovations – Communication Cloud

Why Contact Center for Communications?

This purpose-built platform for communications drives efficiencies by connecting to external systems to get relevant information — making Communications Cloud the single source of truth.

Easier to Implement

Since Contact Center for Communications is already included with Communications Cloud, communications service providers can use this out-of-the-box solution to accelerate time to value and deliver better customer experiences with enhanced agent performance.

Efficient and Personalized Customer Service 

Increase customer loyalty by empowering agents with the information needed to quickly answer questions and improve the customer experience.

Improve Agent Productivity and Experience 

Leverage prebuilt templates and automated flows to streamline operations while enhancing agent experience.

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Contact Center for Communications Benefits are:

  • Enhanced Agent Console

  • Timeline

  • Action Launcher

  • Omni-Channel Routing

  • Predefined, Extensible Flows for ID and Verification

  • Self-Service (Add-on)

  • Einstein Conversation Insights (Add-on)

  • Service Cloud Voice (Add-on)

  • Chatbots (Add-on)

  • Messaging (Add-on)

  • Feedback Management (Add-on)

6. Enterprise Sales Management

Enterprise Sales Management enables communication service providers to redefine a unified large transaction selling experience. It provides user interface (UI) components, data models, business processes, product models, and application logic that support large-transaction enterprise quotes.

Enterprise Sales Management includes the following enterprise features:

  • Unified, large-transaction quoting: thousands of line items across multiple product lines

  • Guided workflows for browsing and configuring offers and viewing a quote summary, which can contain groups of locations, subscribers, and line items

  • Reference product models: Internet, mobile, and VPN

  • Bulk upload features for locations and subscribers

  • Ability to apply discounts across all line items in the enterprise quote and update pricing

  • Responsive and extensible UI based on an SDK and Lightning Web Components (LWCs)

  • Templates for proposals, contracts, and order management

Business Processes for Enterprise Sales Management:

Enterprise Sales Management supports business processes that a telecommunications sales team uses to acquire new customers, present available offers, and configure offers.

  • Quote Negotiation for Enterprise Sales Management: Create an enterprise quote, negotiate with customers, review prices, and apply discounts and pricing overrides.

  • Proposal Development for Enterprise Sales Management: Use templates to prepare proposal documents for customers, which can include marketing material specific to the quote. (This requires a license for Contract Lifecycle Management.)

  • Order Creation for Enterprise Sales Management: Create a primary order and sub-orders with all the offers configured for each member. A service account is created for each member of the order or for each member of the group, if the order is for a group. A service account is created if it does not already exist. If the quote is created without any service members, then no service account is created.

  • Order Submission for Enterprise Sales Management:

    Submit the sub-orders using either CPQ or Industries Order Management. The appropriate processes are used for decomposing and orchestrating an order, creating assets, and associating assets to a contract.

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Enterprise Sales Management Benefits are:

  • A communications industry data model specific to enterprise sales management. The data model is tailored with data structures for multi-member B2B quotes and orders, including service accounts, primary orders, suborders, and quote groups.

  • A shared catalogue with prebuilt product models for business internet, business mobile, and business VPN product lines.

  • Prebuilt, interactive proposal templates, with facilities to extend and develop contracts using CLM.

  • Guided processes for multi-member quoting, including member uploads and grouping.

  • Prebuilt orchestration plans for use with Industries OM.

  • Omnistudio configuration and extensions, and examples to support organization-specific requirements.

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